2013-14 Back In France

A very tempting twosome who need riding
Nov. 2014

They are unusual but they are such fun
and we had five weeks to enjoy them.

It's a cat's life and we've known him for five years!

Over to south western France and a lovable trio

 Woops - sorry.  I love animals but I am no techy!

The problem here was who to cuddle first
April 2014

A month in the country with
Ruby.  What a gorgeous dog

 Never looked after goats before

 A very productive little group
May 2014

We called him Chocoblock
and loved him dearly. 
See you in 2015 for the third time.
             2014 IN SOUTHERN FRANCE


 Christmas 2014 with Lea who turned 15
Our third Christmas with her.

 Brewing up mischief!

I felt as though I needed a suit of armour!

Spot the special ornament

 It's true.
Dynamite does come in small packages!

                      What an adorable trio - July

Back at the chateau and Jean tidying up

A birthday outing for Lea

She may be fourteen but she is leading the charge!

               Collecting wood in the Cevennnes 

We know these three very well
Christmas 2013 - back from Australia and with an old friend

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