2009 - 2012 France and Australia

A magical house in the Yarra Glen      

Hamish and Sumo in Australia

Whisky and Soda enjoying the Rayburn
Kate socialising foals on the stud farm
Jean rebuilding a fence after gum tree damage  

We looked after this beautiful Australian property
   Feb-March 2013

                                                          FRANCE 2009-12

Kate -  France 2012
Kate is cat-sat
John in the trenches
It's a cat's life!
John maintaining the property
We started with an overgrown bramble fence
And this was the result four days later
Happy to be back with horses

Spending Christmas 2011
with a dear little friend

The Chateau de la Fare in the Gard region - the one place in the world we can call home

If I sit here, you can't pack and leave!
  One of our bigger projects

Brambles!  We hate brambles.

Is it walk time yet?
A lovely trio that we always enjoy
It's a good thing the seats fold down!

Poppy Time in France with a big friend
Jean having a cuddle with Fifi
A shy but very sweet little friend

                                                   Someone has to keep an eye on the pool!


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